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Kalnin Ventures, LLC EHSR Director in Denver, Colorado


BKV Corporation is looking for an Environmental, Health, Safety and Regulatory (EHSR) Director. The EHSR Director would be responsible to champion and help deliver top-tier EHSR performance at BKV. In particular the EHSR Director would be accountable to: lead the EHSR organization; provide guidance, support and solutions to Operations, Field teams, Engineering and others; instill high performing EHSR culture with continuous learning and improvement; monitor and implement as appropriate Federal, State, and Local regulations and compliance requirements; provide support to field teams and implement compliance standards, systems, processes and procedures; focus on personal safety and process safety performance alike; ensure compliance clarity and support across all EHSR rules and regulations (EPA, DEP, TCEQ, TRRC); lead investigations and incident or violation reviews; support Public and Government Relations efforts; and build effective internal and external relations.

In addition to the direct roles above, the EHSR Director will be a strong people leader who has impeccable integrity, a bias for delivering results, recognizes importance of delivering both EHSR performance and business value, and is committed to a team-oriented, collaborative and coaching leadership style.


EHSR Organization and Company Culture

Lead direct reports in all EHSR functions across the company.

Establish robust, effective, and yet fit-for-purpose culture around compliance, processes, procedures, systems, standards and reviews.

Input into business strategy, business targets and plans.

Lead lookbacks, root cause evaluations or investigations, and ensure sustained application of learnings.

Automate systems, data collection and reporting wherever practical and efficient to do so.

  1. Safety

Focus on both personal and process safety. Provide expertise and focus in both areas.

Lead goal of zero significant process safety Tier I incidents.

Develop and lead drills on emergency response plans/teams for the highest risk scenarios to BKV s operations in each asset. Serve key EHSR lead role in any actual ER, as well as lead lookback of drills and incidents.

  1. Environmental and Compliance

Evaluate and implement all relevant air, waste, water and compliance requirements from EPA, DEP, TCEQ, TRRC and other relevant agencies.

Communicate compliance requirements to Operations staff, work to address any issues collaboratively, provide tools, and validate compliance. Deliver training and support, effective time in field will be required.

Ensure required testing, reporting and permits requirements are known and that all are completed and filed timely and accurately.

Advise on assessment, extent and remediation of any identified contamination. Lead design, technology, cost, project management of any remediation or clean-up.

Conduct environmental assessments where requested on mergers, acquisitions and trades.

  1. Systems, Processes, Procedures

Lead development and implementation of fit-for-purpose systems, procedures, processes to deliver results and sustain BKV corporate and operating goals.

Lead investigation into significant incidents --- safety, process safety, environmental, regulatory. Derive root cause(s) of incidents, recommend and monitor application of root cause outcomes.

  1. Reviews, Risk and Performance

Champion top-tier EHSR performance across BKV.

Identify, track, analyze, communicate and drive to improve EHSR metrics key to business and performance.

Identify and mitigate key risks to EHSR and business outcomes.

Contribute to building EHSR components of drill, frac, refrac, recomplete and/or facility project ready inventory to meet established plans plus contingency.

Input into development plans, designs and execution schedules; address key actions and mitigate identified risks to permitting, process safety, personal safety and compliance..

  1. External, Public, Government Relations

Advance and lead Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) efforts compatibly with the business across BKV.

Participate as BKV s representative in EHSR aspects of selected industry, coalition or trade associations. Advocate and provide expert input as needed.

Build effective and impactful internal and external relationships, including interfaces with key local, state and federal regulatory people as well as with competitor colleagues.

Support and help implement Public and Governmental Relations efforts relative to permits, stakeholders, regulatory and community agencies.


The EHSR Director should have a bachelor s degree and relevant business experience with 10+ years within oil and gas or related industry, and leadership experience in an operating company (preferably in oil and gas).

Public company experience, particularly with regards to managing EHSR departments, or at least multiple facets of the broad EHSR category.

Academic and Career performance should be very strong i.e., top quartile.


The job is based in Denver Colorado, at BKV Corp headquarters.

Working remote models available for up to 40% of working hours

Some travel is required and would be on a needs basis. Current expectations that this would not exceed 25% of total time.


This role will report directly to the COO.

The following roles currently report to the EHSR Director, subject to expanded number of reports both in similar roles and potentially additional functions as BKV grows its business:

Environmental Team Lead or Coordinator in Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) Asset.

Environmental Team Lead or Coordinator in Barnett Asset.

Safety Team Lead or Coordinator in NEPA Asset.

Safety Team Lead or Coordinator in Barnett Asset.


Impeccable integrity.

Values lower cost operations, high talent, efficient teams and organization.

Is prepared for growth and consolidation, and leverages the learnings and economies that come with them.

Visits the field, improves EHSR at the front-line and from the office.

Strong references as a leader from past experiences and organizations.

Recognition from broader industry organizations.

Someone who is very organized and appreciates process and details, yet also connects with the larger picture of business.

Someone who has strong desire to coach and mentor and can delegate but retains a good pulse on direct reports with a view to proactive supervision (where needed).

A track-record for tackling and solving tough problems. And a parallel track-record for delivering value and results.

A predisposition to be a real team player (and happy not to get a ton of limelight ).

Highly collaborative and cross-functional.