Environmental Restoration LLC Environmental Project Manager in Denver, Colorado

Environmental Project Manager -Environmental Restoration LLC is a provider of cost effective hazardous wastesmaterial management and removal services. Our services include EmergencyResponse, Site Remediation, Environmental Construction, and SpecialtyTechnical Services. Since 1997, we have been a remediation contractor forfederal, state, local agencies and private sector clients, providingservices nationwide from our St. Louis corporate headquarters and from our 23regional offices located across the United States.Working as a Response Manager comes with a lot of responsibility as aresult, we are looking to hire people who possess strong knowledge ofhazmat, and emergency response procedures and who have exceptionalleadership qualities. Managers often have to work in extreme conditions, andneed to possess exceptional time management skills, be able to multi-task,and be able to work towards tight deadlines. Frequent and extensive travel isIdeal candidates will have at least:Four (4) years of direct on-scene response experience in the cleanup ofhazardous substances, oil and other contaminants or pollutants at a site,to include the development of site safety plans, heavy equipment operationand field construction, or other discipline directly related to therequirements of the contract OR A Bachelor's degree in a related field suchas physical, chemical or biological science, engineering, orconstruction management from an accredited college or university. One (1)year of direct on-scene response experience in the clean-up of hazardoussubstances, oil and other contaminants or pollutants at a site, to includethe development of site safety plans, heavy equipment operation and fieldconstruction, or other discipline directly related to the requirements ofthe cOne (1) year of the required experience must be in a capacity of siteproject manager, managing and supervising multi-disciplinary responsepersonnel for emergency response actions involving hazardous substances, oiland other contaminants or pollutants at a site.Working and professional knowledge of oil, petroleum, and hazardoussubstance disposal regulations, including, at a minimum but not limitedto, ability to correctly complete hazardous waste manifests, knowledge oftypes of analytical information required for waste profiling, knowledge ofand ability to profile and assign to wastes their proper regulatoryclassificatWorking and professional knowledge of hazardous materials transportationregulations. Ability to, at a minimum, identify proper shippingcontainers, determine correct shipping labels and hazardous waste marks oncontainers, assign hazard class, group and proper shipping name to thewastes, and determine placarding needs for hazardous materialstransportation in accordance with US DOT regulations.Ability to prepare written technical reports covering all aspects of removaloperations, including but not limited to, hazardous evaluation, wasteprofiling, transportation and disposal, data evaluation, and day-to-daysummary of site operations.Ability to manage and ensure proper execution of multiple simultaneoussubcontracts of varying type and complexity. Serves as contractorpoint-of-contact with subcontractors. Ability to independently negotiate andresolve subcontractor disputes.Knowledge of site cost management systems used to track and document sitecosts on a daily basis. Ability to operate the computer software and preparedaily cost reports.Knowledge of OSHA health and safety regulations regarding hazardous waste siteand general construction site operations. Ability to prepare, and modifysite specific health and safety plans in accordance with EPA and OSHAregulations, policies, and procedures. Ability to serve as site safetyofficerKnowledge of theory of operation and ability to calibrate and use fieldscreening instrumentation such as organic vapor analyzers, combustible gasindicators, toxic gas meters, portable gas chromatographs,pH/Conductivity meters, and radiation monitors