United Launch Alliance (ula) SYSTEMS ENGINEER RS 4 in Denver, Colorado

At ULA it really is rocket science!Building on a foundation of more than 60 years of launch heritage, ULA steam combines experience, expertise and ingenuity with a commitment toproven results. The work we do every day supports our national defense,enables the technologies we use for business and leisure, and makes itpossible to learn more about our planet, solar system and beyond!Maintaining our unprecedented record of mission success while developing newtechnologies requires a world-class team across all disciplines. We valueexperience as well as innovation, creating ongoing professional developmentopportunities at all levels.Join us in transforming the future of space launch.This position isresponsible for the development and consistent application of systemsengineering tools and processes to support ULA Major Developmentprojects/programs. The position also has a key role in ensuring continuousimprovement of these same tools and processes. This position is required tolead multidisciplinary project teams to evaluate customer/operational needsand to develop and integrate system requirements. Leads Major Developmentsystems engineering activities including; a) requirements development,Integration, analysis, failure mode analysis, test methods, andoperational process development, b) trade study development andmanagement, c) risk, issue, and opportunity management, d) teamand program execution planning, e) technical decision making, f)requirements verification activities, g) customer relationshipcommunication, h) proposal support, and i) Gate Review preparation andexecution. Responsible for identifying and applying appropriate scaling ofsystems engineering activities commensurate with the specific project needs.CompetenciesThis position requires knowledge of Systems Engineering and Integrationprocesses and tools. Experience performing requirements development,integration, and verification management is required. Knowledge of existingand evolving launch system requirements desired. Experience leadingmulti-disciplinary teams to resolve technical and programmatic issues isrequirThis position requires excellent written and oral communication proficiency inconjunction with organization skills necessary to maintain focus and achieveconsensus within diverse multi-disciplined teams. Internal and externalcustomer interface activities will require strong communication skills. Thecandidate should have demonstrated technical knowledge in areas that drivelaunch vehicle design such as aerospace structural analysis and design,propulsion analysis and design, electrical analysis and design, softwaredevelopment, and system analysis. The successful candidate will be aself-starter able to work autonomously, learn, tailor and executeprocesses, and perform in a collaborative environment.External Additional Requirements Bachelor or Masters Degree in Engineering or applied mathematics 6 to10 years of engineering and systems engineering experience. Experience working with existing and evolving launch systemsrequirements. Experience leading cross-functional teams in the performance ofrequirements analysis, development, integration, and verification:trade study management and risk management. Organization skills necessary to maintain focus and achieveconsensus within diverse multi-disciplined teams Experience developing, implementing, and tailoring systemsengineering processes. Experience with Word, Excel, and Power Point to include theintegration of charts for large presentations to the customer Ability to travel (10%)External Preferred Qualifications Experience and background with previous large-scale launch vehicleprograms, including the Atlas and Delta families. Experience and background with significant launch system andcomponent development and upgrades. Experience with developing human rating strategies andrequirements, and knowle