CONTRACTOR INSPECTOR - AIRFRAME SYSTEMS DRAKE CAMPUS - 2ND SHIFT (1801791)Position Purpose Inspector reports to the manufacturing supervisor and isresponsible for the analysis and interpretation of blueprints, routings,evaluation sheets, and other materials to determine specifications,inspection and testing procedures, and certification methods, required.This position typically works under close supervision, uses limiteddecision-making and has limited contact with external suppliers or customers.Essential FunctionsAnalyze and interpret blueprints, routings, evaluation sheets, manualsand other materials to determine specifications, inspection and testingprocedures, adjustment and certification methods, formulas, andmeasuring instruments required.Discuss inspection results with those responsible for part and operate basicinspection equipment (e.g., microscope, functional gauges, pluggage, and micrometer).Follow all departmental safety rules and regulations, and put on allappropriate safety equipment, gear, and clothing/protection required bywork activities.Measure and inspect dimensions of products to verify conformance tospecifications, using measuring instruments such as rulers, calipers,gauges, or micrometers and maintain inspection files and quality records.Obtain certifications as necessary to perform required processes.Perform visual inspection of parts looking for cleanliness, damage, bentparts, and/or missing caps/plugs.Repackage (e.g., re-bag, put back in container) items afterinspections following handling codes, gathering needed packaging materialsas nVerify and apply part number, serial number and customized markings arecorrect.Document non-conforming material according to procedures. Other FunctionsCheck materials to ensure that they match purchase orders and submitdiscrepancy reports when problems are found.Communicate information to others about project status, updates, specificinstructions, etc.Compare colors, shapes, textures, or grades of products with colorcharts, templates, or samples to verify conformance to standards.Complete and review product paperwork, verifying all paperwork is presentand filled out appropriately.Promote teamwork within the organization.Review item status in MRP and ensure item is logged/closed out appropriately.Select, collect and record inspection data.Verify the calibration of equipment and expiration dates.Using MRP, access and interpret in-process inspection sheets to determineappropriate visual inspection procedures and operating instructions.QualificationsKnowledge/Skills/Abilities:Basic understanding of GD&T requiredBasic understanding of hand tools requiredThe ability to read, interpret and use the information presented indrawings, diagrams and blueprints to determine appropriate activities,tools, and next steps in the production process.The ability to accomplish a task with concern for all the areas involved,including the ability to notice minute inconsistencies/faults in parts,equipment, or production processes to prevent faulty products leaving thefacilThe ability to use computer and web-based systems to input, access,modify, or output information.The ability to write effectively, to read and understand work documents,to communicate information clearly to coworkers and supervisors, and theability to listen attentively and comprehend key pieces of spoken information.The position requires manual dexterity or the ability to work quickly withhands and strong hand-eye coordination.The ability and willingness to demonstrate eagerness, enthusiasm, andoptimism for work activities. This includes the ability and willingness totake ownership of work activities, to learn and understand company policiesand procedures.The ability to accurately provide the information requested on specificforms, reports, and logs. This includes generating or transcribingappropriate words, numbers, or symbols to complete written or computerizedforms, reports, or logs.The ability to interact cooperatively