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Ball Corporation / Ball Aerospace Specialist, Plant Quality Assurance in Golden, Colorado

Ball Corporation supplies innovative, sustainable aluminum packaging solutions for beverage, personal care and household products customers, as well as aerospace and other technologies and services primarily for the U.S. government. Ball Corporation and its subsidiaries employ 17,500 people worldwide and reported 2018 net sales of $11.6 billion. For more information, visit , or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Primary Purpose of Position

  • Responsible for maintaining a safe and secure work environment. This includes correcting unsafe acts/conditions, facilitating monthly safety meetings, performing monthly safety inspections, and investigating accidents, as required.

  • Supports development, implementation, maintenance, and ongoing improvement of the food safety system.

  • Assures compliance for the process control system by reviewing line data and verifying data with random sampling.

  • Monitors the finished product by inspecting the quality system’s effectiveness, analyzing trends and deviations, and initiating recommendation for improvement.

  • Supports plant material and process changes by providing specialized data and analysis, capability studies, trend analysis, charting techniques, significant testing, and facilitating discussions that lead to logical and sound conclusions.

  • Acts in an advisory capacity by informing production and quality assurance management of significant process deviations. Uses judgment in determining the significance of process deviations, initiates action to prevent production or shipment of substandard products, isolates defective products, and executes sampling plans to determine fitness for use.

  • Provides specialized lab testing service by analyzing the fitness of incoming materials, and determining the fitness to standards of finished products.

  • Calibrates test equipment and ensures that it is in good working order.

  • Initiates activity reports on special investigations, capability studies, and process deviations.

  • May perform safety and GMP audits of assigned work areas.

  • May perform personal accuracy reviews with new and existing employees to verify their understanding of product checks and their entry and retrieval of data.

  • May maintain a toolroom inventory system to determine when to order, inspects new or reworked tooling assuring conformance to specifications, and develops tooling procedures for use in cuppers.

  • May provide support for production by tagging pallets at the roller bed.

  • May perform shipping and scheduling of brewing line changes.

  • May handle outside warehouse discrepancies.

  • May tag pallets with production tickets.

  • Facilitates the installation and maintenance of established quality assurance procedures.

  • Maintains a gauge and inspection equipment control system to provide and calibrate gauges and instruments as required. This includes the initiating of requisitions to ensure compliance with group standards.

  • Interacts with vendors and suppliers, maintains inspection reports and quality complaints to determine defect trends in materials and products, and initiates corrective action if necessary through appropriate line or staff heads.

  • Maintains reports as necessary, evaluating the quality of designated products, in conformance with established quality assurance procedures.

  • Facilitates quality assurance training and development programs.

  • Assists in the inspection or testing of various materials and products to determine compliance with specifications.

  • As customer service liaison, analyzes problems on customer site on a regular basis.

  • Initiates, reviews, masters, and follows all standard operating procedures (SOPs) for area of responsibility.

  • Establishes and maintains an employee relations climate of trust and confidence that will discourage third party interference or establishes and maintains an employee relations climate of trust and confidence with employees, their union stewards, and representatives which will promote achievement of plant and company goals.

  • Establishes and maintains effective work relationships within the department, the division, the group, and the company. Includes ability to handle stress and to interact with others so as to establish and maintain a positive and productive work environment and minimize personal conflicts.

  • Required to work assigned schedule or 12-hour shifts, rotating days and nights, Monday through Sunday, working hours may vary as specified by management. Incumbent must be able to work overtime on a regular basis and/or be on call as directed by management.

  • Maintains an awareness of and complies with hazardous waste management and other environmental management requirements in the workplace by attending scheduled training sessions.

  • Communicates with the emergency coordinator (EC) or Environmental Focal Point/Environmental Manager (EFP/EM) regarding environmental management activities.

  • Understands and responds effectively to EC directions during emergencies by being familiar with emergency procedures, equipment, and systems as necessary. Implements contingency plan to the level required by position.

  • Understands, completes, and maintains environmental documentation for which the individual is trained, or as directed by the EC, EFP or EM (i.e., inspections, labeling, record keeping, maintenance of equipment, etc.). Reports to the EC, EFP or EM on the status of assigned responsibilities.

  • Complies with established job safety practices, policies and procedures as specified in plant and corporate directives for the safe performance of the work assignment.

  • Recognizes waste streams and minimizes waste generation through prudent use of materials, proper disposal and segregation as directed during training or by the EC, EFP/EM. Understands and practices proper accumulation and storage requirements for wastes.

  • Complies with environmental regulations when using, dispensing, or handling hazardous and non-hazardous materials and wastes.

Position Requirements

  • Broad training in a related field usually acquired through graduate degree level education or work-related experience

  • Job related experience for 1 year(s) minimum

  • Working knowledge of the following areas: nomenclature of all assigned equipment and products; can, end or both manufacturing processes, test equipment, statistical process control.

  • Ability to apply independent evaluation, selection, and substantial adaptation and modification of standard quality assurance techniques, procedures, and criteria.

  • Must be able to handle sensitive related and proprietary information in a confidential manner.

  • Performs such individual assignments as management may direct.

  • Must follow company policies, procedures, practices, and standards of conduct as outlined in the Ball Corporation manuals.

  • Ability to perform basic mathematical calculations.

  • Ability to operate a computer and stay current with ever-changing software.

  • Requires sound judgment in determining whether product should be held for substandard reasons.

  • Ability to speak before others.

  • Ability to meet deadlines, concentrate, and pay attention to details.

  • Ability to analyze and interpret data, and make recommendations.

  • Must maintain professional competence, ethical integrity, knowledge, and skills.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Minority, Female, Disabled, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Veterans