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Sierra Nevada Corporation Mass Properties Engineer III (Dream Chaser) in Louisville, Colorado

The Dream Chaser lifting body spacecraft program is in need ofself-starting, outgoing, and efficient engineers to join the IntegratedVehicle Performance team. The Integrated Vehicle Performance team isresponsible for the technical integration of the Dream Chaser spacecraft bycollecting, managing, and analyzing the spacecraft mass properties,power requirements, design driving scenarios, on-orbit attitudeassessments, consumables, top level CAD integration, and otherperformance metrics. The Integrated Vehicle Performance team creates thesereports and analyses by facilitating integration among the design teams,functional areas, and operations. These reports and analyses are carefullycrafted to provide the level of fidelity which facilitates a completeunderstanding of the integrated vehicle. The Integrated Vehicle Performanceteam is charged with understanding the vehicle system as a whole and managingmargin such that the design meets or exceeds requirements. This positionrequires leadership, ingenuity, resourcefulness, accountability, andtechnical breadth so that creative solutions can be found to complex anddynamiPRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE:Provide mass properties engineering in accordance with industry standards andSociety of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE) best practices. Analyze massproperties impacts of internal and external modifications, and impacts tosystems and subsystems. Analyze and account for changes in mass propertiesthroughout program lifecycle.Model and calculate mass properties data to support all phases of projectdevelopment. Translate customer requirements into mass models for developmentof mission profiles. Analyze mission configurations using 2D drawings and 3DCAD. Generate mass properties distributions for modifications and integratewith OEM data for input to structural loads models.Manage subcontractor efforts related to mass properties including vendorweight control. Lead weight reduction tasks.Articulate mass properties requirements, risks, opportunities, andstatus at formal design reviews to both internal and external customers.Prepare and give technical presentations to management and customers.Perform weight and balance testing/measurements of components and finalproducts. Coordinate mass properties requirements with multi-disciplinaryteams including maintenance, production, logistics support, flighttest, flight operations and other disciplines.ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE:Follow SNC policies, procedures and work instructions for all technicalactivities.Punctuality to work each day and prepared to work scheduled work hours.Other duties as assigned.COMPLIANCE RESPONSIBILITIES:Responsible for thoughtful adherence to all SNC Policies, Procedures, andCompliance regulations (internal and external).Responsible for timely execution of all personnel-related activities such asTime Sheet completion, Performance Evaluations, Salary Reviews,Succession Planning, etc.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:Minimum physical requirements to perform all duties and responsibilities, asdefined by management.SNC job descriptions are meant as summarizations only. They do not necessarilyreflect all duties and responsibilities of a position.Job Requirements: EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS REQUIRED:6+ years of related experienceBS in Related Field.Candidates will have strong knowledge of aerospace vehicle life cycle designand experience in aircraft/spacecraft operations.Ability to rapidly work with minimal supervision on projects involving bothsmall and large engineering teams is required.Knowledge and recent use of MATLAB or python is required.Familiarity with Microsoft Office, and 3D CAD/CAM tools (Nx preferred).Familiarity with SAWE and American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics(AIAA) Recommended Practices and Standards, Automated Weight and BalanceSystem (AWBS) and FAA airworthiness regulations.Familiarity with aerospace system design and integration, testing,manufacture, and maintainability, including famil